Detailed Pre-Job Brief
The detailed pre-job brief is a safety/quality enhancement tool in
that personnel receiving a brief feel empowered to achieve.
Task Preview (SAFER)
Summarize, Anticipate, Foresee, Evaluate, and Review.
2 Minute Rule
Follow a 2 minute rule to ask questions, make observations, and
review conditions before safely beginning work.
Questioning Attitude
Self-explanatory. Ask questions and Stop when Unsure.
STOP When Unsure(SAFER)
Just do it!
Three Way Communication
Sender, response, and confirmation.
Phonetic Alphabet
Use eliminates miscommunication in noisy environments.
A - Alpha; B - Bravo; C - Charlie; D = Delta; E - Echo; F - Foxtrot;
G - Golf; H - Hotel; I - India; J - Juliet; K - Kilo; L - Lima;
M - Mike; N - November; O - Oscar; P - Papa; Q - Quebec; R - Romeo;
S - Sierra; T - Tango; U - Uniform; V - Victor; W - Whiskey; X - X-ray;
Y - Yankee; Z - Zulu
Procedure Use and Adherence
Eyes on the path to success.
Placekeeping (Circle and Slash)
Avoid skipping steps or taking shortcuts.
Use of flagging identifies components that require work.
Self Checking (touch STAR)
Stop, Think, Act, and Review.
First Check
Remote checking using second personnel via telephone or radio.
Peer Check
Team member checks work.
Independent Verification
Performer verifies his own work checking location, prodedure, and results.
Concurrent Verification
Second qualified individual not participating in the
original actions achieving the current condition performs a verification.
Post Job Review/Critique
Opportunity to find mistakes and/or make useful observations
for future procedures.
Turnover (shift change)
A smooth and informative change of shift.